It was such a privilege to have Brianne attend the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce’s Business Women’s Network Speaker Series.  The theme was The Changing Face of Business, focussing on women who were rethinking the way of doing business in 2021 – and Brianne was perfect to speak about this!  Her authenticity and candid approach to the big topics was really appreciated by our audience,and a lively Q&A with our marketing & communications manager Laura Boucher after the presentation was dynamic and engaging.   She was easy to work with, highly communicative in the lead-up to the big day and, not to mention, a lot of fun. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high calibre, engaging and inspirational speaker with personality.

Laura Boucher, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce.
“Brianne captivated the crowd with her wit and humour and insightful address. She kept the audience engaged and wanting more. She was a member of the panel discussion which again entertained and educated the audience.”  

Kate, Ice House 
"We felt blessed to have Brianne West from Ethique join us as our guest speaker at the Seed Waikato 2nd Birthday event. This comment from one of the attendees really sums it up for us, 'Brianne was very interesting, and she gave some really good, genuine human advice. I loved listening to her stories of how being a woman has impacted her in business, her passion for sustainability, and her ability to make amazing things happen by just being herself, and working in a way that suits her'.  Thank you so much for joining our celebration and sharing your journey in such an authentic and relatable way!”

Rachel, Seed Waikato 
“Brianne’s story was authentic and relatable, and had some great tangible key messages that attendees could take away and put into action. I would highly recommend Brianne as a speaker who can inspire an audience to think differently about the future of business and sustainability!”  

Hannah, University of Canterbury Centre 
“It’s no mean feat condensing your journey down into a short four-minute speaking time, but Brianne hit the nail on the head, blending humour and real vulnerability into her talk. She was incredibly relatable, relaxed and down to earth.She was also not afraid to speak honestly.”  

Chessie, Brown Bread 


I love speaking to audiences and try to leave people inspired and amused by an honest account of building a fast-growing enterprise.

As I am currently working on a number of initiatives, I am only available for a limited number of speaking engagements per year, both commercial and charitable, here in New Zealand and offshore.

I donate my time to charitable events that align with my values, however, for for-profit events I do apply a speakers fee.

Topics I love talking about:

  • My business journey & how to find your purpose

  • Business, social enterprise & building a start-up

  • Purpose-led brands

  • Sustainability & greenwashing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Environment

  • Marketing & brand building

  • Science

  • Exploration

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