Brianne West

Kia ora! I'm Brianne.

Environmentalist & Entrepreneur

I am using business to try and make the world a better place. (I also help you figure out the real world of sustainability. And there are some cute animals.)
I truly believe that to change the world, we need to change 'business as usual', to be less exploitative to people and planet. And yes, it can still be profitable. I know, I sold my ethical enterprise 'Ethique for nearly $100m in 2020.
And now my new start-up Incrediballs is now taking the plastic-free revolution to the drinks industry.

I am also extremely honoured to sit on the board of trustees at WWF and help them with their conservation and regeneration missions.

I am passionate about protecting and restoring our environment and I believe that business should benefit everyone involved, from suppliers, to the team - not just shareholders.

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It turns out, I really like podcasting. So I've started two.

Enter "Now, That's What I Call Business." If you want to build a business that changes the world, this is the podcast for you.  Come with me as I build Incrediballs. Go behind the scenes into building another global purpose-led company. How do you get investment? How do you start exporting? Is it normal to be this stressed? And how do you build a brand people love? Listen in, because the only way we will change the world, is by changing the way we do business. (And yes, it's still profitable.)

"Now, That's What I Call Green" busts myths, shares the science, and talks about the amazing world we live in (with lots of cute animals). Does rewilding help? But what can I do? Are electric cars better? Is it too late to do something about climate change? Why don't sharks have bones? For those curious about the environment and eager to make a difference, tune in for a non-judgmental, evidence-based approach that is all about progress over perfection.

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My newest plastic-free startup. Welcome to the next revolution in drinks…
The plastic-free drink concentrate. All the taste, none of the waste. Incrediballs is launching in May.

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Helping other businesses

As I keep saying... the way to change the world is hthrough business. Because clearly, waiting forpoliticians to act hasn't got us far.

So I volunteer a lot of my time helping other founders and entrepreneurs building mission-driven ethical businesses.
I do this through the free education hub Business, but Better, and the accelerator & investment fund, Insprie.

Business, but Better is a free education hub to help you start and scale ethical businesses that change the world. Over 50+ modules & worksheets  to help grow your business (and there's mentoring too!).

Insprie is a business consultancy, accelerator, and investment fund based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. . We grow and scale ethical product brands with the potential to change the world.

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I made a boatload of mistakes as the CEO of Ethique, and I'm here to tell you about every single one.

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