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A FREE education hub for those of you looking for a step-by-step how to start and scale your business, from idea to execution, covering branding, to marketing, strategy, to team building.

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Fancy a one-off mentoring session, or want to tackle a project with some ongoing sessions?
I love mentoring people who are looking to build businesses that change the world.
How we work together is up to you.

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Business Coaching & Investment

If you are looking for investment, or more broad coaching, Insprie (an consulting & investment fund with a focus on international expansion and product businesses) might be what you need.

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Why Mentoring Works

I really enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs and business people that have positive impact at their core and are looking to create social or environmental change.
My time in a day is of course limited, so I am only able to devote so much of my time to mentoring, but if you are an entrepreneur with purpose and think I might be able to help, please feel free to book a session below.

Please come to call with questions prepared to get the most out of the session.
As a young entrepreneur, I was very lucky to have many mentors, both long and short term, with a breadth of experience across different industries. Now I love to pass that knowledge, and my experiences, along to others.

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My areas of expertise

  • Brand building

  • Social enterprise and building a business with purpose at it's core

  • Sustainability

  • Business planning

  • Strategy

  • Marketing strategy, planning and how to talk to consumers

  • Product development

  • Business values

  • Capital raising and advisory structure

Group Mentoring Scholarships

I love mentoring and helping young organisations on their way to creating positive change. I do a lot of this for free, but for longer term mentoring, I do charge.
To help those who perhaps cannot afford this, I do offer three scholarships every si months for committed entrepreneurs - at any stage. Each scholarship is for three to six months (depending on what you need) with fortnightly hour long group coaching sessions and support outside that as necessary. Learn more at
We have just closed our latest round for group mentoring scholarships.
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